An economical solution to the scale problem that would condition the water so that the scaled producing salts would not stick to the pipe and other equipment as scale, but would remain in solution through out the entire cycle and be disposed of in a non harmful place. It should be non harmful to the environment and non-polluting.
    The problem of scaling is solved by using both physical methods and chemical methods. Although the chemicals are widely used in controlling scaling in both boilers as well as heat transfer systems, cooling towers, humidifiers etc., the increasing awareness of conserving environment and requirement of eco- friendly chemicals leaves no options, but to look for physical methods making use of well-known physical principles.
    Treatment of water using non-chemical methods based on physical principles started many years ago in several countries. The most common phenomenon that has been widely used in the field of scale control is magnetic principles. Which are the basis of our project research.
    The aim of this project is to study the effects of magnetic field on silica and calcite scaling, theoretically, and then design an experimental setup to test these effects.