The Love At First Sight

(February 2001)

The beauty of the Moon light,
the beauty that embraces the horizons.
I love her smile,
the smile of her lips; her body.
I know there are barriers,
there are barriers between us.
Wild rivers run between us,
the wild rivers of dreams.
I am intoxicated,
don't care she loves me; she hates me.
I will love her forever,
even if we never meet!

Margalla Nights

(March 2001)

Beautiful sparkling eyes
The night filled with stars
The desert flowers bloom in the oasis
Flowing with waters of paradise
Long silky brown hair
Dark sky meets the milkyway
The meaning of life
Like prayers come true
Lost in the warm oasis
The soft blue skies of Margalla
Take you to the deep valleys of love
The soft wind blows
The scents of love make you intoxicated
And you never want to wake up

My Wish

(March 2001)

I wish you had known
And I wish I had told you
Why had I not confessed before you
And why my lips were sealed
It was the pain that I felt
And I did not want you to feel
Is this how much I love you
And Is this how much I care!





(April 2001)




(August 2001)




(August 2001)



Amir Riaz Ahmed

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