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In the following a brief description of events with reference to Muslims coming to Indo-Pak (India & Pakistan) and settling here is given. The source of this imformation is K. Alis Book on History of Indo-Pakistan.

Year of Event  Event 
570 Birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).
622 Hijrah
632 Death of Holy Prophet (S.A.W).
712 Arab conquest of Dabul, Nion and Brahmand
713 Brahmand Settlement
713 Arab Conquest of Multan 
750 Arab conquest replace the Umayyeds 
771 Delegations of Indo-Pak scholars at Baghdad 
825 Arabs in Malabar
870 Muslims conquest of Kabul
870 Foundation of Ghazni
871 Sind and Multan virtually independent of Baghdad 
874-999 Rise of Bukhara as a great political and cultural center
977-97 Subuktigin, Ruler of Ghazni
997-98 Death of Subuktigin: Accession of Mahmood
1030 Death of Mahmood
1203 Muhammad Ghuri ascends the throne
1206 Assassination of Muhammad Ghuri
1206-10 Qutab-ud-din Aibak
1211 Accession of Iltutmish
1236  Death of Iltutmish
1236-40 Sultana Radiyah
1246 Accession of Nasir-ud-din Mahmud.
1265 Accession of Balban
1287 Death of Balban
1290 Accession of Jalal-ud-din Firoz Khilji 
1296 Accession of Ala-ud-din Khilji
1316 Death of Ala-ud-din Khilji
1320-25 Ghiyath-ud-din Tughlaq
1325-1351 Muhammad b. Tughlaq
1351-88 Firuz Tughlaq
1388 Death of Firoz Tughlaq
1398 Invasion of Timur
1413 Death of Mahmud Tughlaq
1414-51 The rule of the Sayyads
1451-89 Bahlul Lodi
1489-1517 Sikander Lodi
1517-26 Ibrhim Lodi
21 April 1526 First battle of Paniput.
December 1530 Babur's death and Humayun's Accesion
1539 Humayun defeated at Chausa
1539 Sher shah proclaims himself Emperor
1545 Sher shah's death.
1545-54 Islam Shah Sur
June 1555 Humayon's reconquest of Dehli.
January 1556 Death of Humayun
14 February 1556 Enthronment of Akber
27 october 1605 Death of Akber
5 november 1605 Accession of Jahanger
28 october 1627 Death of Jahanger
Februrary 1628 Shah Jahan's Enthronment
september 1657 Illness of Shah Jahan: War of Succession
21 July 1658 Informal Enthronment of Aurangzab
5 June 1659 Second coronation of Aurangzab
1666 Death of Shah Jahan
3rd March 1707 Death of Aurangzab
1707 Accession of Bahadur Shah
1712 Death of Bahadur Shah: War of Succession
1713 Farrukh Siyar becomes Emperor
1719 Murder of Farrukh Siyar
1719 Enthronment of Muhammad Shah
1748 Death of Muhammad Shah
1748 Accession of Ahmad Shah
1754 Ahmad Shah Deposed
1754 Alamgir 2 Enthroned
1757 Abdali Sacks Delhi
1761 Shah-Alam becomes Emperor
1806 Death of Shah -Alam
1806 Akber Shah 2 Enthroned
1837 Bahadur Shah 2 succeds Akber Shah 2
1858 Trial and Exile of Bahadur Shah

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